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By Danny Saber. Filed in Danny's Musings  |  
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Over the years, I have been
on numerous soundtracks
and pioneered electronic
compilations as an artist.
I truly believe that music is still vital.
If creativity and quality
is brought back to the forefront and
combined with an intelligent game plan
that takes advantage of the new
technology platforms and reintegrates
the more traditional distribution
channels we can create a new
paradigm that will set the table
for years to come.
I’m sure it’s going to happen and
it’s going to take people like myself
who are not only able to recognize
talent but also have the hands on
ability to bring ideas to fruition.
A solo album from me is long overdue.


  1. Comment by Guy Haigler:

    He is just so lovely!

  2. Comment by John:

    Is there anywhere to find the music from 2:22? In particular the song that they play while the thieves are partying in the club?

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