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Welcome to my Guestbook!


  1. Comment by Bassy Bob:

    Great music , great player, simple elegant….

  2. Comment by Kelly-Lynne:

    Awesome music!

  3. Comment by Redford:

    Amazing stuff man; you turn good music into GREAT music. I’ve been listening for a long time and I’m close to finishing a downtempo electronic album that I’ve been working on with my sister for SIX years! I was wondering if you would contact me so I could ask you about mixing? I feel it would be second nature to you.

    -Redford (Joseph)

  4. Comment by Ed Mears:

    This is an amazing platform for new artist.
    Thank you for all your support to New Music & New Artist.
    Without people like you this industry would crash and burn!
    Indie is the New Major!

  5. Comment by FM:

    Your remix of David Bowie’s “Little Wonder” remains one of my favorites to this day…and saber bytes continues the tradition…have a listen to some of my music…love to know what u think :)

  6. Comment by Kim Cummings:

    Hi Danny,

    Great to be here. Is there a link for uploading material to you?

    My website is be built as we speak and should be up come September.

  7. Comment by James Hutchinson:

    I just watched the film “2.22″ and the music was brilliant. The music was done by Danny Saber. Is that you ? Did you do the music for this film ?
    The music made the film !!!!!

  8. Comment by Ed Mears:

    When is the Adamandevil record being released.

  9. Comment by Pop music:

    I am impressed with this web site , rattling I am a big fan .

  10. Comment by Brian Jones:

    Your work with The Stones is amazing!
    Keep up the great work!

  11. Comment by Lynne:

    How’s Shadow Pilot’s album coming? Love the demo and can’t wait to hear more.

  12. Comment by Rafael:

    Hi Danny, how are you ?

    I watch the movie 2:22 with Val Kilmer, n’ I love it the soundtrack but I dont found the disc for sale …can you help me, please ?

    Your work is very good …congratulations brow !!!

    I waitin’ for the answer soon
    Rafael – Brazil fan

  13. Comment by Zero:

    Great stuff but I do have one question.

    You wrote a song called “Rock the xmas bells” for the movie Santa’s Slay.

    What happened to it?

  14. Comment by Christian:


    I just finished watching the Documentary on Michael Hutchence. You did a stellar job on his solo album and I congratulate you for that task of finishing the album. There are several other songs unreleased by Hutchence that were played in the background of the show including Kick It and Friction – do you have any plans on remastering these precious tracks and releasing them from the great Michael Hutchence?

    I think the world really needs to hear these songs.

    Christian Cameron
    fiN Studios

  15. Comment by Ilya:

    Hi! would you please be so kind to give a hint of where can i find your tracks named “deposit box” and “watch out”? heard them in californication season 4 episode 6 during credits, awesome) but i can’t find it anywhere..

  16. Comment by Josh Baker:

    Hey Danny!!!

    It’s Josh Baker – Its been a long time man. I’m now a low-key married father of 4 enjoying life in the slow lane… :) I have a new project I’d love to run by you. Please give it a listen – Your opinion has always meant a lot to me!! If you like it; Any help introducing your readers to this project would be greatly appreciated.

    ***ABOUT US***

    What’s Beverly Hills on Fire?? So it occurred to me a lot of you may not know what this project is all about. Some of you know, some of you don’t – I used to sing for a pretty successful Indie-Rock Band (Holfiller). I chose to leave that life 6 years ago to focus on Sobriety, my marriage and build a family… I loved being a part of Holfiller, but we had run our course. It was time to move on.

    The name of this project was chosen by “Native Wayne” Jobson – But I also like to think of it as an homage / dedication to the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire of 1977 (Kentucky) where 165 lives were lost.

    Over the last few years my good friend Exelan and I have written and recorded an album that is true to our musical roots – with no pressure, no expectations, no specific style and no deadlines… This album wrote itself, when we felt inspired. Our Self titled album (15 Solid Songs) is the culmination of that effort. Finally available in Digital Format everywhere music is sold (ITUNES – GOOGLE PLAY – AMAZON MP3 – Spotify – Iheartradio and many more).

    I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as we loved making it. Its a melodic Electro-Coustic Indie Rock Auto-Biography. For a limited time download “New Sunrise” for FREE!

    Beverly Hills on Fire is:
    Vocals/Guitars – Josh Baker
    Electronic Mastery / Backing Vocals = Exelan

    LISTEN!! to the entire Album before you buy…




    Any Questions? Feel free to contact me at


    Josh Baker

  17. Comment by John:

    Is there anywhere to find the music that was in 2:22??? I thought the song that was played while the cast was in the club partying after the robbery was awesome. I can’t find it anywhere, thanks.

  18. Comment by Travis:

    Any news for Proper Grounds? More material perhaps? Where are the members of the band currently, what are they doing? That music was way ahead of it’s time! I would love some more info.

  19. Comment by Danny Saber:

    Proper grounds
    That was my first full album
    As a producer / artist
    I’m still in touch w Sean Kennedy
    Aka sandman and we occasionally still do tracks here there
    But nothing for proper grounds
    Thanks for the question

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