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Drinkme: Manifesto — written by Julian Shah-Tayler and Ruth Owen. Guitar, Vox arrangements, Keyboards, Drum programming, production by Julian. Vox and Bass by Ruth. Drums by Aidan Buccheri. Keys, Programming, Mix by Bunny.

Adamandevil: Outnumbered — written, produced, performed and arranged by Adamandevil. Danny Saber: extra guitars, production and mixing.

Zanderdanz: Fountain Girl — written by Daniel Levy. Produced by Danny Saber/Zanderdanz.

Shane Walsh: Rockaway — written by Shane Walsh and Danny Saber. Produced by Danny Saber and Shane Walsh.

Static Revenger: Satellite — Saber remix, written and produced by Dennis White. CO Produced by Danny Saber, (P) Frequent music BMI (C) D-Dub Inc. 2008.

Hensley: Greenlights — written/produced by Hensley. Additional production and mix by Danny Saber.

Michael Melohn: Prayer — written by Michael Melohn/Danny Saber. Produced by Danny Saber.

Kirsten Price: Possibilities — written by Hutchence/Saber/Price. Produced by Danny Saber (P) (C) Chardonnay Investments Ltd. Photo by Zandy Mangold

Kopek: Stop — written by Kopek. Produced by Danny Saber/Kopek, Pub. Kopek Music.

Dragons: Condition — Saber remix, written by Francolini / Tombing Jnr. Produced by David Francolini (C) OHM Recordings.


Helenrella: Tou Jour — written by Helené Saber/Danny Saber. Produced by Danny Saber.

Danny Saber: Mather— written by Volker Kriegel. (GEMA) (P) Swington Edition Willi Fruth Edition Swington.


  1. Comment by Eugene:

    Hello, I am trying to find the song from the movie 2:22. Its when they are at the strip club and flashes scenes between the club and Val Kilmer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Eugene Gallegos

  2. Comment by Eugene Gallegos:

    Hello Danny. I recently had the pleasure of watching the movie 2:22.
    Great job with the music. I am having a problem finding the song played during the scene with Val Kilmer switching back and forth to the bar scene with the guys. “Give it away now” “Just don’t leave me alone.” were some of the lyrics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Eugene Gallegos

  3. Comment by John:

    Is there anywhere to find the music that was in 2:22??? I thought the song that was played while the cast was in the club partying after the robbery was awesome. I can’t find it anywhere, thanks.

  4. Comment by Andre De Graaff:

    Hello, Danny. I am a South African film music fan, and I am a huge fan of the score to THE JACKAL. Carter Burwell’s music never got released, but early mixes found their way onto a promo. I found out that you were brought in to beef up his mixes with your influence, possibly to blend more with the licensed music used in the movie.

    I am soooo looking for a promo with the final film mixes? Perhaps with Carter wanting to take his name off this project, and the lack of an official release, there should not be any serious legal repercussions if you shared this privately, for purely archiving reasons.

    You may respond to my email…
    I will greatly appreciate it :)

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